Business Opportunity

The current business opportunity is to grow with service and product revenues and to expand the services and products as they produce revenues.  The business opportunity is also to invest an interest in the start up until the business plan can develop to provide revenues and income streams for it’s owners and investors and secure a payroll. In order to grow either way, SportZeus is in contact with financial resources to create effective strategies to grow and create business lines for future revenues. Contact SportZeus with any questions to get involved.

Top Event Marketing

The SportZeus approach to marketing is to service top events with integrated services that enhance event experience and event participation. SportZeus is offering a specialized service to top events; it is not an event creator or generator with services to plan new events. While event creation and administration is desirable, maximizing event experience, documentation and marketing with GPS products is a SportZeus service. It will take time for some events to build scale for a SportZeus program to make a compelling value proposition if ever. For top events, a premium GPS trackable map publication service should be done now and marketed with similar events worldwide.

A Business for Profit & Revenues

SportZeus is not a non-profit entity or sponsor. SportZeus is a business designed to ultimately generate revenues, incorporate and employ a talented, highly trained, customer-centric staff and manage a high-quality global brand at a profit while contributing to the world of sport and advancing high quality products and services.  If SportZeus partners without creating revenue, the products will not be created or serviceable at any meaningful scale and event enhancement will not be achieved through increased participation and registration.  In fact, the market will most likely continue to create inferior attempts to service the paricipant without any interesting scale or resources. If SportZeus products are budgeted, developed and executed while educating the consumer, event enhancement is realized at a reasonable rate and value in the market.  Everyone will win and the best will be achieved. While performance contingencies with suppliers, event hosts, online registration groups and participants with required deposits can be entertained, SportZeus is ultimately in business to charge a fair market price for its services and may require paying or licensing others.

The Technology (2)

The GPS tracking course technology is useful for many events, namely running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, endurance sports, extreme sports, sailing and some motor sports.  Many of these events are easier to map than others depending on the course and its location within the GPS system.  The GPS course technology is used by large networks to now broadcast professional events with worldwide interest such as the Tour de France or America’s Cup. The Iditorod would be an interesting event to enable for GPS tracking worldwide to follow the leaders over a long course hundreds of miles.  The goal of SportZeus is to create the application to serve the demands of viewers for this market at an economical subscription rate that is affordable for participants, spectators, sponsors and volunteers who can register and log events for routine viewing and tracking in real-time or on demand.  In this regard, the common technology can serve across viewer profiles whether they are participating, sponsoring, volunteering any race, any where.

The Technology (1)

The pre-mapped GPS trackable course technology in real time is a premium standard for SportZeus and a key product differentiator in the market.  Other trackable GPS programs are available that trace a GPS identifier through the telecom network that is then re-called and digitally filed in a users account online. This file can then be posted in social networks. Furthermore, multi-sport event hosts create GPS tracking in events to confirm course compliance in races but this is often not in real time.  The SportZeus Project is to advance the GPS mapping and trackability development in two (2) significant ways: 1. Create & distribute pre-set GPS map overlays in a distributable file or pre-set map coordinates, 2) A proprietary SportZeus GPS traceable identifier, and 3) Enable a real time system to track and record in real-time.

Bringing Together a Fractured Market

Offering an easy-to-use, professionally-designed, comprehensive mobile application that is “paperless” to a potentially large subscriber base has challenges. First, the event base is spread over a large geographic area including a wide-range of event sizes. Second, not all event sizes will support event budgets that enable event enhancement products no matter how cost efficient they could be to provide. Third, some event managers and online organizers distribute free, one-off mobile products with limited utility to the consumer on a regional basis. Fourth, traditionally non-profit organizations serving sanctioning committees are partnering to offer free, online event management products in a business model that generates revenue as a percentage of participation registrations but does little to enhance event experience  Combining services into one mobile computing application will be better for the consumer and will generate the interest and scale needed to service and maintain the technology even if additional service providers are paid out in a revenue stream.

SportZeus Patent Application

The USPTO patent process enables a number of things. First, the filings enable a proper starting point for the project. Second, the filing documents a process in the US where the technology is being developed and the largest market of such events with the most participants currently exists. Third, there are a wide range of Smartphone technology manufacturers and systems to distribute the SportZeus application over the market and serve existing brand “affinity”. Finally, if the patent is terminated, expires or is not ultimately granted and enters the public domain, the patent application remains a valued reference point. There are additional reasons for the patent filing. Consequently, a new SportZeus brand would serve the project.

The SportZeus Project

From its initial USPTO provisional patent filing, SportZeus was initially envisioned as a mobile application to search an index of GPS mapped and trackable events in real-time as an event-enhancement product. Complete event information would be available for participants, spectators, volunteers and sponsors with social links and an event log. Spectators could determine the location of a loved one on a course, sponsors could view results, volunteers could apply for work and real-time event data could then be re-packaged and published in an online and print publication on a subscription basis. High quality promotional products would be designed and offered as they became available and star competitors would be hired to demonstrate the application in stores including easy to follow download access. Additional events could be added going forward.