Bringing Together a Fractured Market

Offering an easy-to-use, professionally-designed, comprehensive mobile application that is “paperless” to a potentially large subscriber base has challenges. First, the event base is spread over a large geographic area including a wide-range of event sizes. Second, not all event sizes will support event budgets that enable event enhancement products no matter how cost efficient they could be to provide. Third, some event managers and online organizers distribute free, one-off mobile products with limited utility to the consumer on a regional basis. Fourth, traditionally non-profit organizations serving sanctioning committees are partnering to offer free, online event management products in a business model that generates revenue as a percentage of participation registrations but does little to enhance event experience  Combining services into one mobile computing application will be better for the consumer and will generate the interest and scale needed to service and maintain the technology even if additional service providers are paid out in a revenue stream.

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