The Technology (2)

The GPS tracking course technology is useful for many events, namely running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, endurance sports, extreme sports, sailing and some motor sports.  Many of these events are easier to map than others depending on the course and its location within the GPS system.  The GPS course technology is used by large networks to now broadcast professional events with worldwide interest such as the Tour de France or America’s Cup. The Iditorod would be an interesting event to enable for GPS tracking worldwide to follow the leaders over a long course hundreds of miles.  The goal of SportZeus is to create the application to serve the demands of viewers for this market at an economical subscription rate that is affordable for participants, spectators, sponsors and volunteers who can register and log events for routine viewing and tracking in real-time or on demand.  In this regard, the common technology can serve across viewer profiles whether they are participating, sponsoring, volunteering any race, any where.

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